Donna&Sposa Network (425 Sky Platform Italy)

I’m developing for the Italian TV network Donna&Sposa (425 of Sky Platform Italy) the 6-minute program “La Seduzione è Servita” together with the director Silvia Cascio. The pilot has been broadcast since the 5th of June and we are preparing the rest of the episodes for the fall season.

That’s Vapore

I created and produced a series of videos for the social networks and for business presentations of the restaurants That’s Vapore that offer a great selections of steamed dishes with fish, meat and pasta. Moreover their menu amazes thanks to their recipes with healthy Superfoods, fresh baked pastries and juices for all needs.

I let myself inspire to the freshness of their ingredients and to the magic of steam for these fun and eye-catching video recipes.

Saluti da Modena

I worked as Social Media Consultant for the Milan’s Bistrot “Saluti da Modena”  and for them I realized a series of videos to promote their events on the Social Networks that had very impressive results.

Click on the pic to see the video.


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