Orange is the New Black: Lock in, Stock Up and Have Red’s Quiche

Time has come to show who is in charge! The 9th of June has been crossed on our calendars for months and finally ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, season 5 has been released on NETFLIX. Follow my advice: lock in, stock up, press play and…have Red’s Quiche!


Semifreddo and Vodka to celebrate the comeback of Grace and Frankie

Whoever geniuses choose contents for the revolutionary online platform NETFLIX know how to innovate the series’ world and decided that the time was definitely come to entice the appetite of a more mature audience. Therefore, they took the risk to forget about all those surveys considering 18-49 viewers’ choices and followed their guts producing a show tasty for the over 50: […]


Recipes from Game of Thrones: Arya’s Fruits and Cheese Tarts

“Game of Thrones” new trailer has just been released online and all fans are crashed by the announce that the seventh season will be broadcast in July. Considering that last year the much loved series was aired starting from April, the despair for the wait is even greater.